Snowy Scenes in Sussex

We had a layering of snow this week over Sussex, mainly on the higher grounds and I ventured into Ashdown Forest to capture a few photos as I was passing through anyway. Sun was out, and it really made the trees glisten. Expecting more so hopefully more images can be captured.


Brighton Starlings Murmuration

It has been a couple of years since I photographed Starlings in Brighton, so I have made the effort this year (and end of 2018). The first 2 times were a little disappointing due to the light and a big cloud over the horizon appeared just as the sun set, but my recent visit the light is just how I`d hoped it would be


Snow over Sussex

The Beast from the East graced us in February to give a nice layering of snow over the more higher grounds in Sussex. Heading back from a job in Southampton, I bypassed Ditchling Beacon to snap a few shots

Ditchling Beacon Snow

Looking over the Sussex Weald covered in Snow

Celebrating 150 years of the West Pier

To celebrate 150 years of the West Pier opening, the West PIer was being lit up from sunset to midnight using lighting projectors from the i360 deck. Wasn’t sure what to expect but as the darkness fell the West pier took over Brighton Beach which brought life back into the old Pier. Was great to see.


Jill Windmill Aerial Filming

[et_pb_section admin_label=”section”][et_pb_row admin_label=”row”][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text” background_layout=”light” text_orientation=”left” use_border_color=”off” border_color=”#ffffff” border_style=”solid”] Jill Windmill is surrounded by spectacular views on the Sussex Weald. After a 17 month project of Sweep inspection, refurbishment and painting I recently got permission from the Jack and Jill Windmills Society to capture some aerial footage and we were lucky enough to get…


Aerial Photography Showreel

I am glad to say I have completed the process to make it through to be accredited by the Civil Aviation Authority to gain my permission for aerial work. Been quite a long process but just glad its over now and I can push forward with it all. I have a sister site setup under……


Mermaid street in Rye

On a very overcast, but British day, I headed to Rye to capture an English street scene for a poster. Mermaid Street in Rye  looked to be the perfect place to visit, and being somewhere I had never been beforeI was looking forward to seeing it in the flesh. Usually I like to wait until sunrise…


Beachy Head and Beyond Aerial Video

I have been putting together a DJi s900 drone which makes use of the fantastic Panasonic GH4. The video capabilities of this camera are astonishing in good light and can also be filmed in native 4k. The video below is a mix of Phantom and GoPro Hero3 footage and the Dji S900 and GH4. I would loved to…


Lake Wood Uckfield, Woodland Trust Sussex

The second of my aerial video clips, and this time one of my favourite places to visit (and very local) is Lake Wood in Uckfield. Again the early morning is a favourite time of morning to go due to the light and also quietness everywhere. I will be returning with an evening video because the…


One DJI Phantom, GoPro, and Cuckmere Haven

I have been looking into getting aerial footage for quite a long time now. Recently my girlfriend bought me a GoPro Black edition, and this immediately got me looking into loads of different uses with a GoPro. Knowing that a DJI Phantom was the perfect quadcopter to attach a GoPro too, I decided to take the…


Early Morning at Cuckmere haven

On Friday I noticed there were alot of haybales in the distance from the Cuckmere Valley, unfortuantely the light was dull and boring on this occasion so I decided that Sunday morning (very early) the weather was looking to be very promising, so set the alarm for the crack of dawn and off I went to…


Soft Light at Cold Coombes

Cold Coombes is somewhere I havent really explored much despite living nearby all my life. The sun was out on force and clear skies also meant the last light of the day should produce some nice soft shadows over the South Downs, really emphasizing the curves and shapes of the landscape. I am now fully…


Bluebells Forest in Sussex

If you go into the woods today you`re be sure of a Bluebell suprise, or something like that anyway. Its that time of year again when the bluebells are out. Due to a mild winter, they are out early this year and I headed back to my old haunt in Ifield to capture the Bluebells…


Oilseed Fields over the South Downs Sussex

I havent been able to get out too much lately, but while the oilseed fields were in bloom I decided I should make the effort to capture some images of the 2014 season I headed to willmington and had some fantastic views of the downs. Was also graced with an open field of Oilseed which…


Fog bank over the South Downs in Sussex

After a long period of not being able to head onto the South Downs due to commitments, I finally managed to find the time to head out one afternoon near Wilmington and by a stroke of luck a fog bank started to roll in whisping around the the hills. It is very difficult to be…


Big Waves on the Coast of Sussex

The Wind returned to the UK on Friday and with high tides came for some interesting photo opportunities on the South coast of Sussex. Just East of Brighton in Saltdean, the waves were crashing against the defence wall below the undercliff. This made for some spectacular images. What a crazy day it was!! The promenade…


A View from The Shard in London

Finally made it to the Shard over the Christmas period as I have been wanting to see the views since it opened. At £25 a pop most would find this too much, but its worth every penny as the views were spectacluar. When I first got there there was a lot of haze as the…


Mist in Sussex and The South Downs

I havent captured alot of misty scenes, mainly because when I venture out to do so I end up not actually seeing any mist or the conditions are not particularly great, although on this occasion I have been graced with some interesting scenes, on a farm just north of Pembury and views from Ashdown Forest.…


Autumn Colours in Sussex

Autumn colours are very late this year, due to the mild weather we had up until October. So below are a collection of recent images I have captured when out and about. A place called Halnaker which looks like something out of The Hobbit is a very interesting walk up to the Halnaker Windmill. I…


South Downs National Park

I was commissioned by the South Downs National Park SDNPA recently to get images for their Autumn Campaign which is to get people out of cars and onto public transport and then walk or cycle the sites of South Downs. Took me from Eastbourne to Hampshire, It was a fantastic project and something I would love…


A Morning on the South Downs

I have been attempting to catch some misty mornings recently, and not really had much luck with the type of image I have been after, but despite this, there have been some interesting views of the South Downs which can be seen below



South Downs Wheat Fields

Around sunrise and sunset usually produces the best light especially when it comes to landscape photography, but broken clouds in the middle of the day can cast some interesting shadows, especially over fields and hills. They can bring out different shapes and textures of the land and the below images are an example of this.…


Colours of London at Night

Headed to London with some friends to get some shots, photographic eye candy everywhere. I have been wanting to get the Iconic Red bus over Tower bridge shot and the Olympus OMD with its 5axis IBIS helped capture this without a tripod, making the composition much easier to do amoungst the crowds of people and…


More poppies in Sussex

Well I guess you have to make the most of it whilst they are still around, although not as vibrant as they were a couple of weeks ago, they are still a bit of a spectacle, It is interesting that in the fields where the AMEX stadium is they looked stunning but now pretty much…


Poppy Fields in Sussex

Poppies are always a spectacular sight, especially for Landscape photographers, this year has been no acception with a usual haunt for Poppies in Falmer near the AMEX stadium. I bypassed these fields on my way to Brighton recently, and it certainly was spectacular. Also I dont think I have ever seen it so busy there,…


Sunrise over Ashdown Forrest

As sunrise is so early at the moment, I decided to stay up over Saturday night and head over to Ashdown Forrest to capture the stunning light of a sunrise on a layered landscape. To my suprise it was getting light at 3 in the morning!!! now driving around the forrest at this time of…


Spring Colours on the South Downs Sussex

What seems such a short spring this year and now supposedly into summer, a few images below are from a few days in June in Sussex. The Yellow rape seed fields starting to fade, within a few days from these photos being taken the yellow will have turned to a greeny brown

Bluebells in Sussex

Its that time of year again for Bluebells. I missed them last year but have recently popped to my favourite haunt to grab a few shots.

A gallery of bluebells are available to purchase as a print or canvas here

Brighton has Sun!!

Well this was a bit unexpected. I was humming and haring about going out as it looked hazy and too much low cloud in the distance but a sudden break in the cloud and the sun blasted through. I would usually plan where to go when taking photos but at this time I was in…


Tree in the Wind

With the cold windy dull conditions we have been having in Sussex this Spring, I decided to try something a little different with a daytime long exposure. This shot was taken using a Lee 10stop  with soft grad filter for 30seconds, and the blured branches are actually from the long exposure and not something I…


The Slanted Tree

This one is an interesting composition, looking across from Devils Dyke this tree next to a road was slanted. But composing the tree upright in the frame gave a very interesting perspective of diagonal lines from the fields and the road in the image. One I shall return too to get a slightly wider field…


Wintery Day in Sussex

I love a wintery day, people dont generaly like to venture out when its cold, and second everything seems so clear and crisp. To hand I had my Olympus OMD with a 7-14mm Lens and adapted rubber hood to take 100mm filters. On here I have used a soft grad 0.9 which really helped balance…


Rough Seas in Brighton

I was briefly in Brighton today, so headed down to the seafront for a little walkabout. The weather was dia, but sometimes can make for some interesting photos. The camera and lens was quickly getting coked in water spray (OMD is weather sealed, but lens isnt), but managed an interesting wave with the Brighton Pier…