In 2014 I ventured into the world of drone flying, and using a small quadcopter called the Phantom that had the ability to carry a GoPro, I was able to captured some amazing imagery from up high. This opened up new avenues for me and was something I really felt would coicinde with my photography career.

In 2015 I worked to get my accreditation with the CAA so I could use a drone commercially. Despite being a very expensive venture to get involved in, it has actually been a worthy investment as having a background in photography this has generated quite a bit of work for me and I have worked with some fantastic people since gaining my accreditation.

Originally my plan was to use a Hexcopter to carry a GH4 or even Sony A7 series camera which I had built originally, but advancements in technology and the fact that mobility is very important in my line of work, The incredible and versatile quad-copter from DJi called the Inspire was released, and was an instant hit for me. The fact it came with 2 controllers with one allowing a cam op to control the gimbal and the other to fly was very important. Initially the camera was good but not great, but I knew plans for a much better quality camera were going ot be released, and later on in the year Dji released the Zenmuse X5r which is a micro four thirds camera that has a similar sensor to the GH4, but also with the ability to shoot RAW video. This is a game changer, and being able to capture footage this way in a sub 7kg UAV was/is incredible.

I have used this system for 18 months now, and it hasn’t let me down at all. Best choice I ever made was getting rid of the Hexcopter, The perfect system for someone that needs mobility and requires high end imagery.

Some flims I have created are shown below, and you can view my site which gives full details on pricing and requirements for any commercial operations can take place.


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